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Monday, July 9th, 2007

So, as a major subsection of Crafting that I’ve never taken up before, I’ve now taken up scrapbooking.
As one scrapbook vellum quote says “Every artist was once an amature”… yes… inspiring… I guess…

But my Atlanta scrapbook is coming along. Some pages pretty cool. Others VERY LAME…
I intend to make Kelley help me spiffy up my LAMEr pages… 😀
So to help me make my scrapbooking portable I went on ebay and bought a crafting tote….

I suppose at the moment I’m not actively doing any sewing or needlepoint. and I never was really big on painting and other things that involve brushes. Hmmm.. guess I’ll put it on the list.

Well I was going to do work

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

But instead I installed software onto sleep-deprived.
So here’s my new blog!
My previous blog lives at:
But it apparently uses an older format so can’t be exported.
I might slowly move some of the choice? contents over