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Christmas in Vegas

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

So, went to vegas over christmas.

Got engaged.

Lost $300 in slots, and then won $250 in some awesome poker gaming.
Won most of it off this one jackass who was sooooo annoying the whole night. Before doing ANYTHING he’d play with his chips for like 2 minutes. So I had 3, 9 of diamonds obviously I wouldn’t play this hand normally but I was big blind, what can I say. It limps around to me and so I check it. 3 people in the pot.
And then what falls but a 5, 4, 8 of diamonds. I’m like holy shit I just made a flush. So I bet $10 into a pot of $7 both other people call me. Next card down was an ace of spades. I checked, next guy checked, and then super annoying guy bets $60. So I called him, the other guy folds. The next card is a 2 of clubs. I’m all duuuu is a straight higher than a flush??? I was feeling a little bit underconfident so I checked it. (In retrospect I should have bet, not that it mattered). And then, after playing with his chips for another 10 minutes, the guy pushes all in for another $75. So yeah… what to do what to do… But this guy was way annoying. And I felt like if he’d made the flush, he’d have raised me on the flop. So he might at best have a flush draw, which didn’t hit him or he paired his ace. But arg so much money…. So I called him. and he had 8 of clubs, 7 of diamonds.. so a pair of 8s… really? a pair of 8s? jeez…
And there I was with all his money. w00t.


Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Wow I’m so awesome at keeping up a blog…This must be why when Japanese school made us keep diaries over the summer (back in the day), like 60% of the entries were made up on the day before class.Yup. 2 months since my last entry. and we’ve totally played D&D in that time, and I totally went to japan and stuff…. /sigh.I also had my dissertation committee meeting but failed to get a quarum so have to do that crap again. /sigh