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D&D: Magical Mystery Whores / I’m going to set fire to Dave Minton next time I see him.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

On Nardosie:
Circular Amulet, Half Ice Blue and Half Flame Red (The Amulet of Icy Hot) (Very brief prayer to Morenna, goddess of protection) <- magic, faint abjuration, An Enduring Amulet (3 charges, renewed at dawn, resistance to cold/fire 10 for one charge, 15 for two charges, 20 for three charges, for one round, immediate action, command = O'fu) Three foot long gray lackerd wooden rod with a spiral groove, requires some save if some one points it at you. <- magic, moderate enchantment. Scroll of some spell. (Cure Critical Wounds) In her forhead, embedded black crystal absorbing ambient light. Sereven removes. <- magic, faint abjuration, "a third eye dampening". Activate to reduce all variable numeric effects magic etc. to the minimum value. once per day. (mental command) In another pocket, wide ovoid medallion with an engraving of two heads facing eachother connected by a jagged energy bolt <- magic (Da'ud = useless), moderate enchantment. Fine craft Flail Fine crafted Light Crossbow <- leaving 20 Crossbow Bolts <- leaving Wearing Fine Studded Leather. <- magic (Da'ud useless), +1 studded leather Miniature Copper Flail. <- VALUABLE Assorted Jewelry - 900gp. (Serven takes an asortment but not all of the above things) Miscelaneous 1 HD Whores have: 14 Copper Flail. Karus: One Small Potion - Potion of Cure Sirius Wounds M.W. Composite Long Bow <- transparent black crystal with faintly glow (lifedrinking) <- magic (Da'ud useless), +1 composite long bow, +2 strength. M.W. Long Sword <- magic, (Da'ud useless), +1 long sword M.W.Dagger Fine Chain Mail Shirt <- magic +1 chain shirt Leather Pouch with 10 Blood Stones Underneath his hair, 2 Filed Down bumps. Like stubby horn things that have been filed down. Nardosie's Quarters: Various Perfumes (mostly cheap) In a hidden drawer in the dresser, find: Set of Ledgers. Exploring the other rooms on the second floor we find trapped goblins. Who do speak common. Sereven gets them food since they seemed malnourished. The flail appears to be the symbol of Nardosie's god. (Apparently it's an archdevil's "holy symbol" whatever that is. Glasya.) Goblins really want to kill Nardosie but haven't yet. Find a human sex slave in another locked room. At the location of the 3rd powerful evil, there is a lavishly decorated room. Ornate wooden box 40gp (small aluminum/iron vial [elixir of swimming], pair of gloves velvet black [Gloves of the starry sky, emit a bright silvery radience like a light spell. 3 times a day, sacrifice a spell slot to cast magic missle], stars swim in the box), Obsidian "statue"-600gp, gold coins (750gp). Find the "dungeon" entrance. There seems to be a magical "shimmering" around the door. our Rouge fails to disable the trap. We wake up Nardosie to make her disable the magic around the door. Finally we find the dungeons that we walked into the first place. We finally let the police in to search the premises and hand over Nardosie. Reading the ledgers we find: Rippers were an attempt by Nardosie to curry favor with M. The eggs of rippers were provided by W. She hasn't ever contacted M directly, but referred to a C as her contact. The Cult of the archdevil, Nardosie has pledged her soul to her, in exchange for influence in the mortal world. She was trying to take over the city using her cult. We find out that if Da'ud bestows forgivness she will be let out of the contract, and Da'ud heads back to police headquarters to do so.


Monday, July 9th, 2007

So, as a major subsection of Crafting that I’ve never taken up before, I’ve now taken up scrapbooking.
As one scrapbook vellum quote says “Every artist was once an amature”… yes… inspiring… I guess…

But my Atlanta scrapbook is coming along. Some pages pretty cool. Others VERY LAME…
I intend to make Kelley help me spiffy up my LAMEr pages… 😀
So to help me make my scrapbooking portable I went on ebay and bought a crafting tote….

I suppose at the moment I’m not actively doing any sewing or needlepoint. and I never was really big on painting and other things that involve brushes. Hmmm.. guess I’ll put it on the list.

D&D: Oh wait, that’s a city politician.

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

After hours of preparation we storm the whore house from the front entrance.
Only after we bust in did we remember that we were given keys to the whore house, with which we could have snuck in from the back and not been attacked by 7 guards.
Math is hard:

Cat’s Grace = +2 dex modifier
Haste = +30ft to base movement, +1 to attack, +1 dodge bonus to AC, +1 to reflex saves, 1 extra damage
Prayer = +1 attack, damage, +1 to saves, +1 to checks, -1 to attack and damage and saves and checks to bad guys.
Shield of Faith = +3 deflection bonus to AC
Divine Protection = +1 morale bonus AC, +1 to saves

So every attack takes forever. really…
We killed 14 whores of which Da’ud bagged half of them. A whore bagging machine, if you will.
We killed Klauss and a summoned devil.
We defeat the boss of the whore house, Alba Nardozie at about midnight.
The last points were dealt non-lethaly so that we could maybe question her about what’s going on.

Amazingly even with missing Artemis, nobody died.