Current Level: 6

Meet the Characters:
Dos – Human Barbarian. An alaskan eskimo of african decent… A potter (we’re still waiting to see him make a usable pot, saving money for a masterwork potter’s wheel).

Sereven – Human Ranger, 2 weapon fighting. With a wolf animal companion. Doesn’t need to worry about any advances from Dos since she can kick his ass any day.

Artemis – Human Ranger, Archer. Someday (hopefully) with a Horse animal companion. Makes the rest of us look bad with her “n” attacks where n is large.

Lyr – Human ‘Rogue’. He’s never told the party what he does but he sure is good at finding traps and picking locks. It must be the sharp young eyes and the bright young mind that makes him so good at these things.

Da’ud – Human Cleric. For a cleric that rejected his goddess of luck and travel, sure uses both those abilities a lot. Has his hands full keeping the other 6 people up and about since they insist on getting close to the monsters and getting mauled by them.

Zook – Gnome Wizard. Sadly no pointy hat, but did have a glowing forhead for a while. The rest of the party is always getting in his way while he’s trying to fire ball, lightning blast, flaming sphere, etc. etc.

Gesshou – Human Monk. From the 4-fold path or better yet “Buddhism Lite”. In the tradition of all monks, “flurry of misses!”

Previous Episodes:
Party meets at the Broken Mandolin after some other adventures by subgroups.
On the way to the first campout at the Greenglen house the party gets attacked by some kids and gets them in a lot of trouble.
Party exterminates giant bees attacking Applejacks vilage.
Party goes invited to a party at Magistrate Asavida’s house.
Lyr gets a job 2 houses down from the Magistrate’s and then spends an evening falling off of fences in an attempt to scope out the Magistrate’s residence.
Party goes to the party (and gets into some trouble there).
Party gets a job taking a box to Baja California.
Moderately eventful boat ride. Snakes on the boat!
With the box safely delivered party finds a lizardfolk village nearby who is in desperate need of help.
Party spends 23586923874 hours exploring a cave.