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This week’s theme: little children with one-eyed teddy bears

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

After careful determination by our cleric of who was worthy of which recovery spell, we started on our way for the day.

Lyr picks the lock on the door at the end of the hallway.
We enter the room, and it seems to be part of a building. Very clearly different from the sewer section we were in earlier.
View: Large Sarcophagus and walls with lots of spikes and chains. aka torture chamber, lit by torches in that creepy way. We have Dos open the sarcophagus which actually was an iron maiden. In the abrupt silence after the shrikes of the barbarian, some of us heard a baritone humming coming towards us.
Appear: humanoid creature in a blood stained apron.
Who sees Dos and then yells for guards like a pansy.
When we try to kick his ass though, he disappears.
Guards enter through the door and the “Excruciarch” enters.
The chains animate to attack us! (moving on from the tentacles of last time)

Lyr manages to sneak attack again!
Various people variously try to attack things, Da’ud casts Prayer. After which Dos immediately rolls a 1. But then Artemis one shots both the guards by doing more than 20 damage per roll, finally using the still mysterious powers of her bow.

The Excruciarch attack like 23054897986 times and Dos and Da’ud have to make all kinds of saves. The battle continues and eventually Dos manages to finally make a critical hit to kill the excruciarch.

The party turns to concentrate on the Kyton, where the monk in the usual fashion goes down at 11/45 with 16 points of non-lethal damage. The battle continues with Gesshou down and the wolf, whipped by multiple chains, cowering in the corner.

After we *thought* we defeated Kyton he “arose” again. Apparently he is not of the material plane, so he keeps regenerating or something, because after killing him again we threw his head in the fire. People take some more damage but we through the torso into the fire after it. And while the rangers attempt to tip the equilibrium between the fire and the regenerating, Lyr finds that:

the guards have 2 masterworrk Long Swords and Light Crossbow and chain shirts, a suspicious sarcophagus was opened to reveal
400 GP, 1000 SP, 1 piece of Spinel, 1 tiger eye, aquamarine. black velvet potion case with ( ), black leather pouch w/ skull amethyst.

The vision down the corridor: is actually a staircase.
Stone walled stairs up to the “ground level” which become wooden doors. At the top of the staircase, in the doorway is a whore, who cries for help.

She passed!

Friday, April 6th, 2007

So a friend passed her final defense today and must now be addressed as Dr.
Thus, of course, there was a shiny fancy dinner thing, and then we went out to Gilato. So Very Very Good! Someday I’m going to have to go in there and try every flavor on the menu… Although then I’d gain a butload of weight, literally… sad…

The problem with trying to maintain 2 blogs is, it seems like the other blog totally gets more of the fun and exciting links… Since this one gets the “what’s totally not happening in my lame-o social life” and the other one gets fun, exciting, and retarted links I find or have been sent… totally unfair for this one.
Oh well. not like anyone really reads either of them.