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D&D: Brought to you by Chris’s Lecherous Alter Ego.

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Find ship we were sent to find.

Fight some dead sailors guarding the ship.
And fight some Yellow Musk Plant. Gesshou and Dos fail fortitude saves and get shot in the face by pollen. Gesshou gets creepy plant up the nose, and after a complicated battle involving variations on leathal and non-lethal damage, and a classic musical montage of party members trying to trip each other battle ends.

Missing one mast of the ship.
No signs of how the ship got here.

Shoots coming out of the heads of the sailors. So throw into the fire.
On the ship, find holy symbols and harpoons from Kuo-toa.
Find 1000 gp worth of Spices in the ship.
In Capitan’s cabin, the walls are dripping with water. Inside, find captain’s animated corpse behind the desk. Sopping wet, as if it had crawled out of the water. Feel like drowning as one drawns in a breath.

D&D:Santa Fish w/ Seashell Bikini

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

August 15th, head to docks to board boat to Pelican Bay.
Re-hired the Light of Bahamut, the same boat we took to Barracuda Bay, which we suddenly learned to be a Caravel.
Zook spends the day bonding with a weasel. It’s a recursive weasel… Good for touch spell delivery.

on day 3, we are attacked by Quoatoa, known to us as Jar-Jars led by Santa Fish. This time, they are accompanied by Monk Fish too.

Sereven fails a Will Save and starts attacking Artemis with her Human-bane staff and her Human-favored-enemy self… Artemis, hit, has black smoke coling out of her chest…
various exciting battle things… lalala… Evan’s Black Tentacles…Sereven’s head clears up.
(One round took over an hour)… Eventually they all die.

On bodies
2 Monks:
Potions – Bear’s Endurance – Dos, Dos
Potions – Bull’s Strength – Gesshou, Dos
Potions – Shield of Faith +3 – Lyra, Dos
Magic Leather Bracers around Wrists – Bracers of Armor +1, 1 Zook, 1 Sale
Magic Cloaks – Faint Abjuration – Cloak of Resistance +1 – Lyra, Artemis

4 Harpooners:
Magic M.W. Studded Leather – +1 Studded Leather – Sell
Magic M.W. Heavy Steel Shield, w/ sticky substance (one of them is not sticky) (sticky substance is a secretion, which often goes on shields, and is used in their martial arts) – +1 Heavy Steel Shield w/ goo – Sell
4 M.W. Harpoons – Sell
M.W. Crossbow – Sell
20 bolts. – Lyra

Santa Fish:
Magic at least M.W. Sea shell Armor (chain shirtish) – +1 Chain – Sell
Magic Mechanical Lobster Pincher Staff +1 – Hit someone, and start a grapple as a free action, no AO. Reach Weapon – 10ft. Exotic. 1d10+1 bludgeoning, 2 handed. – Sell 1310gp
M.W. Dagger – Sell
M.W. Crossbow – Sell
20 bolts – Lyra
Magic Cloak – Cloak of Resistance +1, Zook
Magic Phylactory – Phylactory of Faithfulness – 1000gp

D&D: From children’s toys* to roosters*

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

M.W. Large Scale Mail +1 – Dos
Broad Leather Belt w/ 3 moon stones: Faint Conjuration Healing – Sereven
M.W. Large Katana+1 – Sell
Potion of blur – Gessho
Potion of invisibility – Lyra
Jewelry – 800gp

Ring – of Protection +1
Leather Case w/ Wand – Magic Missile 10 charges cl: 5 – Zook
Leather Case w/ Scroll – Acid Damage Lightening Bolt cl:3 – Zook
Leather Case w/ Scroll – Scroll of Identify. – Zook
Small leather bag – Faint Conjuration – Bag of Tricks?? – Artemis
Light Crossbow – Sell
20 bolts <- Lyra Jewelry - 500gp Case w/ fine silver writing set - 200gp 1 book - Spell Book - see handouts... - Zook 1 book - Journal/My Diary - see handouts... - Zook Bugbears (medium) x4 M.W. Scale Mail - Sell M.W. Katana - Sell Shortbow - Sell 20 arrows <- split between Artemis and Sereven Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds Empty Vial <- 1 for Lyra, 3 for Da'ud Tabard - Sell Celebration post massacar and looting. Given certificates as Heroes of Dobson's point. We stay for the evening and are given medals the next day. Back in Angels, we go to the broken mandolin and find out that Rolan (dude from Baja trip) was by looking for us, and will be back tomorrow. On our way back to the Greenglens, Zook notices that the emblem of the district they live in, the Whitetower District, looks like the midnight college. And we finally contribute to the Greenglen household by buying 10gp worth of groceries. Some offline shopping will have gone on here. Going to the broken mandolin in the early evening to meet Rolan again, we wear the "new" medals we got. w/Rolan is a large conspicuous looking man in a cloak. Who makes an unnaturally straight B-line to the door. Sereven spills beer all over him and identifies that he's wearing studded leather armor. Lyra searches him with her eyes, and finds a Great Sword which looks relatively unused, he also has a bow. He gives Sereven the hand and leaves. Lyra gets Zook to cast invisibility and follows him. He was looking at a Silver Head Piece. Looked around for someone following him, hid the head piece in an interior pocket. He leaves the city for the town of Gelholand. Meanwhile back at the bar. Rolan is trying to give us a job. One of the adventuring groups Rolan hired previously hadn't made it. Rolan would like us to find the package and deliver it to the north. They know where the ship is, but not where the package is, in Pelican Bay ~650 miles N.W. of the City (approx. San francisco distance). Needs to go another few 100 miles north. We tell him we'll discuss it and get back to him tomorrow. We tell him we take the job, he says he'll pay us half in advanced and Lyra follows him home. He lives in the nice district. The non-magic users go to the village that the conspicuous guy went to. Stark tracks him to an abandoned looking building. At the entrance to the farmhouse there is a symbol like a sun having a solar flare on one-side... It *might* be like a "solar eclipse"... Secret door in the floor of the barn. Dos rips it open and Gesshou jumps right in. Finding a very dusty room, with stone work benches. There is an open door at the end. We go down an elevator and find a series of rooms. We open all the doors. Find a bedroom, dining room (for 6?), bedroom, storage shed (looks like it's been unoccupied for a while), bedroom, Large room with stairs leading to a catwalk. The 5 people who aren't spellcastors fight a shield guardian. And have a "deep" conversation with Bren, or perhaps with the sharp end of his arrow.


Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Eileen hosted a birthday party for me on Sunday. it was awesome.
Pot luck with a giant shoulder of pork but most importantly a GELATO CAKE!!!!

It was delicious~
Chocolate Hazelnut and Raspberry Gelato with a chocolate cake, chocolate coating, and beautiful fruit decorations.

mmmm delicious~