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Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Every other Wed. is D&D night, so in order to help remember what’s going on, I’m going to try to keep a “summary” of weekly events here.
Summary of past events will go here along with some other random pages linked off of it.

Last time on D&D-west coast we were attacked by Rippers. One of the sailors that we sailed with on our cruise to Baja was killed, we managed to kill one of the assailants but the other got away. We were hired by the Commandant to track down and kill the rest of the rippers. The next morning we went snooping around and shoping to find out that the rippers seem to be in the sewers and to buy various things including “special halfling pipe weed”.

After another pleasant evening at the Greenglen home and huge plates of mini-pancakes with mini-chocolate chips for breakfast, we went out to the sewers near the docks to find the rippers.

After some problems starting out, we remembered that our Rangers have the ability to “track” things, and we were able to follow the tunnels in the direction of the ripper nest. On the way we encountered some Carrion Crawlers, who have an amazing paralyzing ability which we were unable to experience due to killing them all off with a frigid ball (fire ball -> energy conversion, ice) and a few arrows.

Further into the sewer system we were attacked by some huge tentacles. There was much “grappling” but we managed to defeat 4 ‘creatures that cannot be pronounced’ with the use of the prayer spell.
Found some treasure in the tentacle dung pile: money, gems, Magical Diamond (Moderate Evocation), 2 Potions (Owl’s wisdom, divine protecting spell), 2 scrolls (baleful transposition, remove paralysis), and an everburning torch.

Further tracking led us to a section that was no longer a direct part of the sewer system, where we found the rippers that we’d set out to find in the first place. Rippers have a pheromone that has to be saved against and 2 of our members failed that as we entered the room. After a successful attack by the rogue and the monk, the rippers used their other pheromonal attack to put half of the party to sleep. 2 people were left asleep that round while the mages cast “Haste” and “Prayer” leading to numerous complications in the next few rounds as to what gets added and what doesn’t to various attack and damage values.
Although the Barbarian did get woken up, the rogue slept for the rest of battle. And after the first monster was defeated the monk decided to be dumb which resulted in “rest” at 7hp – 17 temp-hp. Through the actions of those not lying on the probably really gross floor, the rest of the rippers were killed.

There is a yet unexplored hallway with a door at the end. One of the rippers came out of this hallway before meeting its timely demise.


Friday, March 23rd, 2007

So tonight we played the Super Mario Bros. 3 Drinking Game.
Everytime you die, you drink (for the first few levels you should also drink everytime you get a 1up since dying is harder).

Sometimes it’s nice to still have an old school Nintendo system 🙂
Although wow the controler is small….
I kept trying to hit Triangle to see the “menu”… uh.. yeah… it was just the drink talking. which was a “Blushing Geisha” and a “Screaming Multiple Orgasm on the Beach”.

Still waiting to clear we’ll see…. Ice world is hilarious….

Addendum: So we finished at 1am, about 5 hours after we started. Spent over 30 lives in World 8 :p

Well I was going to do work

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

But instead I installed software onto sleep-deprived.
So here’s my new blog!
My previous blog lives at:
But it apparently uses an older format so can’t be exported.
I might slowly move some of the choice? contents over