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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Some bastard broke into my appartment and stole my stuffs yesterday afternoon (goes to show you going to a coffeeshop to do work is a dumb idea and you should just stay home all the time).although the monetary loss is annoying, the pain in the ass of getting a new pasport and local currency again a few weeks before a trip is really the worst. In addition to having to secure stuff down for identity theft and what not. I mean really, at this point given the amount of security on my SS number, I don’t even know if I can open a new account or buy something expensive…and I guess having to replace my duffle bag is annoying too.

D&D: Yay for zero hit points

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Meet, Captain Simmons, a “drowned”. Radiating an aura of “drowning”.
Artemis drowns on the first round, and basically Sereven and Dos kill the captain while most of the rest of the party start drowning. Daud Dimension doors the dying members out of the way. Artemis is at negative one and the rest of the dying members stop at 0 hit points.
(Dying is 0 hit points -> -1 hit points -> dead).
As he died the captain said: “dread the autumn of man”.

100 gp of miscellaneous items and a spy glass (1000gp) in the Captain’s quarters and a treasure chest.
Inside the chest:
Stack of Gold – 1100
Green Emerald – 900
Ring – Scene of a shattered ship and waves, ring of floating = float on liquid and cannot swim below, if you’re underwater raise at a speed of 30ft/sec.
Wax Sealed Tube w/Scroll – Arcane Scroll of Sending.
Journal – Capitan’s Log

Meet an Ogre Patrolling the Area.
There were tracks leading East from the boat a few weeks back.
upon returning to the Orcish Village we learn that the tracks appear to lead to the Valley of the Titans. Where there are gentle giants and fierce guardians.