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West Nile

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

well hopefully not west nile.
and in a further attempt to prevent dying from a mosquito born illness, I have now constructed one of these:
pretty funny.
I’ll report further if it works or something….

D&D: Earsacks full of Panties??

Friday, August 24th, 2007

so the previous time (unupdated) Zook managed to find the Midnight College and then got stranded outside the Greenglen home by Dos, always safety concious and locking up doors.

This time, we followed the meta-gaming hints provided to us and went to visit the Village of Dobson’s Point. Where there was a Copper Dragon defending the village from Hellhounds and other varied creatures. At the village we find that no one has any idea what’s going on or why they’re being attacked. While talking to the villagers the party discovers giant land sharks. Although they have some rediculous 4 claw attack, the party manages to kill the 2 rabid land sharks (whose teeth were worth money, btw). We check the hole from which they emerged but all we managed to find was the awesome smelling meat sack that Sereven found on the terrible Zousa and Co. earlier.

As we step back out of the hole in the ground we are accosted by the copper dragon who is angry that we killed the monsters, which were supposed to be a proof of his heritage. The dragon actually turns out to be Oushioni the half minotaur half dragon previously mentioned. Oushioni, Zousa and the 4 hobgoblins are entangled by Artemis, and fail many many saves to remain entangled for much of the battle. Lyra basically takes out Oushioni (before he does anything) single handedly with a few critical hits and some awesome sneak attack damage. In the end, unfortunately we killed all of the enemy fighters so throughly that we have no idea why Oushioni was doing this, what he was trying to prove or anything like that.

They are presumably carrying much treasure but we haven’t gotten around to that yet. Sereven has already called dibs on the belt.