After hours of preparation we storm the whore house from the front entrance.
Only after we bust in did we remember that we were given keys to the whore house, with which we could have snuck in from the back and not been attacked by 7 guards.
Math is hard:

Cat’s Grace = +2 dex modifier
Haste = +30ft to base movement, +1 to attack, +1 dodge bonus to AC, +1 to reflex saves, 1 extra damage
Prayer = +1 attack, damage, +1 to saves, +1 to checks, -1 to attack and damage and saves and checks to bad guys.
Shield of Faith = +3 deflection bonus to AC
Divine Protection = +1 morale bonus AC, +1 to saves

So every attack takes forever. really…
We killed 14 whores of which Da’ud bagged half of them. A whore bagging machine, if you will.
We killed Klauss and a summoned devil.
We defeat the boss of the whore house, Alba Nardozie at about midnight.
The last points were dealt non-lethaly so that we could maybe question her about what’s going on.

Amazingly even with missing Artemis, nobody died.