We hear guards coming as a consequence of the screaming whore, so we run like hell out of the torture chamber. We prevent Zook from sending a parting lightning bolt at the whore on our way out. After a few hundred yards, we duck into a corner to try to ambush the guards who might be following us.
Lo and behold, like everytime we have a “clever” plan, it backfires: Enter 4 loathsome filthy creatures. Ooooze Mephits. Flying slimy clawy thing that have a breath weapon (which we didn’t see). Who apparently had damage reduction but it totally didn’t matter while people just beat the crap out of them (probably why we didn’t see the breath weapon).

After this battle we encountered the guards who chased after us from the whore house. 2 of whom died in the surprise round we got on them. As usual the monk becomes unconcious due to the non-lethal damage, lalala lying in the gutter…. The 4 guards that followed us were killed off very easily, but then enter Boba-Fett… I mean uh… some guy important back story blahblahblah… The thug who works for the mistress of the whore house where Lyr, now revealed to be a girl named Lyra, was born and was going to have to work. We also saw said thug and mistress at the magistrates party so many weeks ago.

The battle starts out on the right foot (except for the monk, still in the gutter) but then the thug decides to run out of the circle of light like an inconsiderate humanoid creature, and the barbarian, in chasing after him, eats 2 Critical Hits, and DIES. Like less than -10 hit points dead… omg how much does it cost for a reserection? dead… Clearly indicating that the battle in fact was now on the left foot. But then the barbarian finds an accounting error in hit points and suddenly finds 8 hit points and is only at -3, which I guess in the end did save us something like 100k in gp, yay accounting…
Although highly injured the party continues to try to fight the slowly retreating thug-guy, but he Dimension Doors away leaving us with nothing! (except some half-dead party members) The corpses of the 4 guards yielded (+1 Great Club, +1 Chain Shirt, M.W. Long Sword, M.W. Light Crossbow)x4. But as a whole the party decides that we should probably book it to the commondant since now we’re known to these scary people at the whore house who clearly are better connected than we are.
Although of course we haven’t considered exactly how trust worthy that particular person might be.

The 2 gutter snipes had to make a fortitude save for Filth Fever, but luckily barbarians have really high fortitude, and monks are immune to disease, so I guess we just won’t know what particular effects that disease has.

Daud had to expend most of the rest of his turn undeads, but at the end of that we have all of our hit points back as we run out of the sewer system.