After “discussing” for about an hour about what we were going to do, we ended us splitting up and sending most of the people to the Commondant’s, and Lyr(a) going to go see Adriana Renkin (her employer). Dos is MIA today doing something that we will know about at some later point, presumably. Upon departure we intend to meet up at the Library of Bahamut, and Lyr has already said that she intends to skip town if we aren’t there by the end of the day.

Lyr cleans herself up and goes to the Renkin mansion. Renkin of course is confused as to why Lyr is so concerned about the Magistrate when clearly it’s only the whore house madam who is evil in this situation.

The rest of the party does very little cleaning up and enter city hall. But cleverly have the Medals of Uriel on so that the guy at the reception desk points us to police headquarters. We attempt to subtly open the windows, which almost didn’t work since they prefer the windows closed. Sargent Gorash (bugbear) concedes that we smell so bad that they will leave the windows open for now. After a little chat with the Sargent, the Commondant emerges. The commondant appears genuinely surprised at our story and we offer to lead come troops through the sewers to the ripper lair. Although we find the ripper lair, we are totally unable to find the passageway to the torture chamber. We get out of the lair and receive our reward, a whopping 1k gp each.

Zook buys some scrolls and scopes out the red light district. (He claims it’s to look for the midnight college). When he’s done with it, or rather it is done with him, he goes back to a library to research more spells. But it turns out his library card is expired, so he has to go track down Tabatha Schultz at the University to get a new one. Where he finds her disecting the ripper from the previous day. She shows him the glands that produce the dizzying effect. (Clearly they can make a fortune selling this product on the streets.) She verifies that the rippers are in no way natural and yet not supernatural either. She helps us to identify the properties of the devil that Zook failed a knowledge check on. It’s a “pain devil” specializing in torturing.
Tabatha askes Zook to help identify a number of items: 1) Silvery Blue Feather, 2) big friggin Red Tipped Feather, 3) Black Stone of somekind with a swirl of silver.
1) Avoral wingfeather, a Gardinal (type of celestial), from the heaven plain.
2) Feather from an Enormous Red Tailed Hawk, from the wild plain.
3) Knowledge failed.
The rangers go to the Red Bow to talk it up with the maker of the fancy bows in town. The bowmaker turns out to be a member of the mercenary troop that they defected from a “long time” ago. They get some information about Dereck Kraus (the thug from yesterday) who apparently comes in now and again and buys one or two bows.
Gessho goes to the police headquarters again and finds out that in fact there was a “torture chamber”, but as expected not the hellish one that we found when we nearly died. After “gathering” this information she goes out drinking with the bugbear sargent.
Dos sneaks off after giving Sereven’s hand a little squeeze. (there may or may not be grapple checks and reflex saves involved).
Daud goes to the local hospital and spends the rest of his healing spells.
Lyr, after avoiding the advances of the weaponmaster for more “training”, goes to try scaling the walls of the nearby buildings in an attempt to scope out the magistrate’s house again. After successful checks going over the wall, Lyr enters the magistrate’s house, where she promptly gets mauled by an animated bush, looks like a lion. She runs like hell back rolls about 5 natural 1s, and after finally making it over the last wall, goes to bed.

Immediate future plans are yet unknown.