Zook, Sereven, Daud go to the library to search for spells.
Artemis tries to decide if she wants to get a war horse but can’t decide.

Dos goes to Asaveda to show the clay pot found in the basement of the ettercap lair. They offer 1600 gp for the pot, but Dos decides (after having no idea what the motives are) insists that he would like to speak to Asaveda personally and that she should leave a note at the Broken Mandolin if she were interested in speaking with him.

That evening, we gather together at the fountain to confirm that we have 2 days to wander the town, meeting back at the fountain each evening.

The next day:
Sereven and Zook head to the library. On the way Zook bumps into a bugbear (not a member of the guard) who is insulted by the action, but Sereven steps into save him from a potential beating. The master of the bugbears appears (a giant minotaur) and we find out that they are also adventurers, 1 Minotaur, 1 Goblin (w/ pointy hat), 4 bugbears. Sereven convinces them that they should meet for lunch the day after tomorrow, and the goblin agrees. They’ll bring the meat sacks, she’ll bring the honey.

Dos goes to the docks for the day of Gather information. Kraus has the ability to “vanish”, is sadistic, works for Alba Nardozie (whore mistress person).

Gesshou spots Daud and Artemis walking along to the library, and (amazingly) spots some shady characters following them. Artemis sees Gesshou see the creepy people, and against Daud’s better judgement, Artemis and Gesshou manage to disarm the two guys. Some damage is taken, but things seemed to be going well till Kraus suddenly appears on a rooftop and nearly kills Daud with one shot. Artemis finishes off the two thugs, one of them vaporized, but the other, down to the non-lethal damage levels, and the 3 adventurers dimention door out of the area. At the other end of the dimension door they are caught by the city watch. Although they attempt to argue their way to HQ, they are taken to the local office.