August 15th, head to docks to board boat to Pelican Bay.
Re-hired the Light of Bahamut, the same boat we took to Barracuda Bay, which we suddenly learned to be a Caravel.
Zook spends the day bonding with a weasel. It’s a recursive weasel… Good for touch spell delivery.

on day 3, we are attacked by Quoatoa, known to us as Jar-Jars led by Santa Fish. This time, they are accompanied by Monk Fish too.

Sereven fails a Will Save and starts attacking Artemis with her Human-bane staff and her Human-favored-enemy self… Artemis, hit, has black smoke coling out of her chest…
various exciting battle things… lalala… Evan’s Black Tentacles…Sereven’s head clears up.
(One round took over an hour)… Eventually they all die.

On bodies
2 Monks:
Potions – Bear’s Endurance – Dos, Dos
Potions – Bull’s Strength – Gesshou, Dos
Potions – Shield of Faith +3 – Lyra, Dos
Magic Leather Bracers around Wrists – Bracers of Armor +1, 1 Zook, 1 Sale
Magic Cloaks – Faint Abjuration – Cloak of Resistance +1 – Lyra, Artemis

4 Harpooners:
Magic M.W. Studded Leather – +1 Studded Leather – Sell
Magic M.W. Heavy Steel Shield, w/ sticky substance (one of them is not sticky) (sticky substance is a secretion, which often goes on shields, and is used in their martial arts) – +1 Heavy Steel Shield w/ goo – Sell
4 M.W. Harpoons – Sell
M.W. Crossbow – Sell
20 bolts. – Lyra

Santa Fish:
Magic at least M.W. Sea shell Armor (chain shirtish) – +1 Chain – Sell
Magic Mechanical Lobster Pincher Staff +1 – Hit someone, and start a grapple as a free action, no AO. Reach Weapon – 10ft. Exotic. 1d10+1 bludgeoning, 2 handed. – Sell 1310gp
M.W. Dagger – Sell
M.W. Crossbow – Sell
20 bolts – Lyra
Magic Cloak – Cloak of Resistance +1, Zook
Magic Phylactory – Phylactory of Faithfulness – 1000gp