Find ship we were sent to find.

Fight some dead sailors guarding the ship.
And fight some Yellow Musk Plant. Gesshou and Dos fail fortitude saves and get shot in the face by pollen. Gesshou gets creepy plant up the nose, and after a complicated battle involving variations on leathal and non-lethal damage, and a classic musical montage of party members trying to trip each other battle ends.

Missing one mast of the ship.
No signs of how the ship got here.

Shoots coming out of the heads of the sailors. So throw into the fire.
On the ship, find holy symbols and harpoons from Kuo-toa.
Find 1000 gp worth of Spices in the ship.
In Capitan’s cabin, the walls are dripping with water. Inside, find captain’s animated corpse behind the desk. Sopping wet, as if it had crawled out of the water. Feel like drowning as one drawns in a breath.