I was so tired I basically slept a lot. And then I turn up being sick so I slept most of Friday too.
Feeling better today.

So yeah, spent the night in Vegas, didn’t make any money but didn’t loose and money in the slot machines either. They gave me $30 in meal vouchers but nothing opened till 5:50, and my flight boarded at

I still managed to spend all of it, take that US airways! Then, we take off 20 minutes late so I’m like omg my connection in phoenix… well I get in just about when “boarding time” starts for that flight, and of course it’s across the terminal. So I book it to that flight which had also had a gate change between when they printed my boarding pass and then. I make it to the flight and there are still people deplaning from the previous flight. (note it didn’t say “delayed” anywhere on the electronic boards). and then lo and behold, the plane has mechanical problems. So we have to switch to a different plane. All told we probably left phoenix about an hour late.
So I get into Tucson and I’m like oh, well the crowning achievement would be if my luggage doesn’t come in. wait. wait wait. this guy that I talked to a bit in Vegas who was in the same boat as me gets one piece of luggage. well that’s promising right? wrong. luggage didn’t make it. Luggage didn’t come in till like 8pm.
/end adventures.