The broken mandolin – Our “Headquarters” where we end up drinking most evenings that we’re not on a job.
Greenglen Family – The halfling family that the party continues to stay at while in angels. Great halfling smokes to be had out back with Reginold, great mini-pancakes fed to us by ???, make up to be applied to Dos by the 2 younger kids, and Lilywine, the server at the Broken Mandolin where the party met in the first place.

Applejack’s Village

Devastated by an attack of giant bees due to being a halfling village. Both the Mayor and the Sherrif were carried away as easy morsels. After a few failed plans to burn down the bridge that held the beehive, we just walked right up and killed them. Making us heroes of the village.
Applejack – Makes the best ale this side of… something.
Innkeeper – Zook’s stalker.

More info pending…